Welcome To EasyLic!
Software licensing made easy


Secure software

  • Protect your software application with secure license keys
  • Protect desktop applications, web applications and mobile applications for Windows, iOS and Android
  • Use our easy-to-use API to integrate EasyLic directly into your software application
  • Protect specific features inside your application


  • Manage your licenses and associated data with the easy and intuitive EasyLic Control Panel
  • Have a quick overview on your customers and their purchased license keys
  • The EasyLic Control Panel is a fully responsive, web-based control panel allowing you to manage your licenses on your phone or tablet
  • Customers can retreive their license key with their e-mail address

Licenses and keys

  • Associate license keys to specific computers or mobile devices
  • Generate trial or full license keys
  • Subscription license keys are supported for your application such as 1 year updates or 1 year technical support subscription
  • Include your own custom parameters in the license key
  • Unlock features within your application


  • All license and customer information is stored in a dedicated, secure and stand-alone SQL server database
  • Hosting the database server can be done on-premise or inside our own database server
  • You are the owner of the data and database


  • EasyLic license server is hosted in the cloud with state-of-the-arT hardware and software
  • Customers can retreive their license key with their e-mail address

E-Commerce integration

  • EasyLic allows integration with e-commerce platforms such as MyCommerce (former ShareIt)
  • Automatic license key distribution when a sale is made through the e-commerce provider

All you need in our easy control panel

Have a look at a couple of our features

Easy license management

Easily create different types of licenses and enter the number of unique activations, software and update validity

Customer overview

Have a direct view on your customers and see what licenses they use, their number of activations, and expiry date on software usage and updates


Currently all packages are free if you sign-up as Beta Tester! Interested in becoming a Beta tester? Contact us below!

€ 0 One subscription only
  • Unlimited license types
  • 100 Activation codes
  • No option to buy extra activation codes
  • No E-commerce platform integration
€ 50 per subscription/month
  • Unlimited license types
  • Unlimited activation codes
  • No need to buy extra activation codes
  • E-commerce platform integration


Currently EasyLic is in the Beta Phase. We are looking for Beta Testers who want to test our product. In exchange for full access to our product, we would like to receive feedback on how the software is performing. Please send an email to info(at)easylic(dot)net with your name and software name. We will create your environment and you can start working with EasyLic!